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The Happy couple... *
The Happy couple...
Can you put your married last name as this will be the password on your gallery...
If your thinking of adding one ask me for some awesome suggestions :) and I can check they are free on your wedding date!
Just so I can have a nose and give them a little wave hello!
Time wise, I'll aim to arrive with you approximately two hours before we need to leave for the ceremony. Need Prep for you both? Add a second shooter... Or if your getting ready close by I can dash between the two!
Please try and keep this to around 10 must haves, each photo will take approximately 5 minutes to organize and take. If its easier, please email me a list to print and bring along :) My go to list is: Parents // grandparents // immediate family // wedding party // the love birds (yup, thats you!)
If its the same as the ceremony just leave it blank :)
It usually takes around 15 minutes to seat all your guests, perfect time to sneak off just the two of you for some snaps :)
Get those tissues ready....!
Shoving cake in each others faces is encouraged :P
Feeling nervous? Your not alone. I literally only need the two of you on the dance floor for no more than a minute. Ask the DJ or band to invite everyone on with you after this time so you can relax and just enjoy it...
Important objects? Heirlooms that might need photographing. Secrets? Surprises?!... Oh I love a good surprise!
gloucestershire wedding photography.jpg