I'm Lucie, wife of Iain, Mum to Bella and Freddie, full time day dreamer and tea drinker.

We've been married now for almost five years. Our two beautiful children are the foundation of our little family. We love lazy days snuggled watching films, but most of all we love being outside exploring new places with our pup Rufus. 

I love tea and cake, converse, skinny jeans and anything floral. I'm laid back, enthusiastic and I think this shows in all aspects of my life. I'm pretty house proud, but having a toddler has defiantly relaxed this a little bit... 

My photography journey began when I was 16 and I was given my first analog SLR camera and a roll of ilford film by my grandmother as a gift. I'd always been creative, and even now you can often find me behind a sewing machine or doodling all over the shopping list!

I continued my love for light and picture taking right through until I left university in my early 20's... Little did I know that I would be spending the next few years documenting the lives of my little people whilst putting my career to the side.

I finally put my education into practice and set up business in 2014, from there I have further developed my knowledge of the digital age and embraced the new technologies by taking classes and learning from others. I still dream of those days in the darkroom and incorporate that into my current work through the colours and style I edit in. I'd love to start using film again... But until my husband gives in and let's me turn our bathroom into a dark room I'll have to keep on dreaming!

After almost a year of shooting maternity, newborns and families I finally took the leap to becoming a wedding photographer. At first I was apprehensive about this, capturing someone's big day is no easy task I can tell you!

I can firmly say this was one of the best decisions I ever made, I love the unexpected, the details you spend so long putting together and it's a day when your surrounded by love and happy people! What more could you ask for? Yes there's tears and stress (not from me I might add!)  but it's all totally worth it! 

This year is even bigger and better, in just a few weeks my wedding season begins again and I cannot wait! I'll be blogging them all here... And maybe even putting a few first looks on my Facebook page... I'm a social kind of person and would love you to follow along. You can also follow along my day to day life on Instagram I can't promise that I won't bore you with pictures of my little people though...

Photography is my passion, there's not a day that goes by when I don't pick up my camera to capture a little detail. Right now I feel so blessed to have found what I want to do for the rest of my working life... It only took almost 29 years! But don't they say life begins at 30?! If that's the case, the best is defiantly yet to come...

I hope this helps you get to know me a little better. I'm Lucie, the girl behind the camera!